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Evolution Fitness Professionals | Sharon’s Story
  • Sharon’s Story

    We all have a story to tell but I guess It’s more about how you tell your story to others that can make a difference.
    I never chose my path into fitness it kinda chose me? You’re probably asking yourself the question how?
    Well let me tell you my story and you decide how ……….

    Up until the 11th October 2010 I was the girl that used to party every weekend, spend all my hard earn’t cash on clothes, shoes and generally everything I wanted including food. I thought I was pretty healthy just a bit on the bigger side but then I was in the mindset of I’d lost 2 stones for my sisters wedding and all was good in my world! …………………………..How Wrong was I in a big way!!! 14332978_10210692693099285_1708122639132559170_n1

    The Fact of the matter was I was abusing my own body and the reality of this came from a routine Health Check. A Health Check by a Senior Doctor which told me I had to stop what I was doing as I was Pre-diabetic & I was looking at having to inject needles and live the rest of my life on Medication. Talk about a Blow to the system & more importantly the biggest reality check of my life!!

    I was given the choice there and then to change my life for the better by taking control and deciding that the fear of needles was more petrifying then changing my lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I was in tears & thought how the Hell am I going to change this????? ………. But once I digested the information & the penny finally dropped there was no going back ………. It was simple Healthy eating & exercising was my only option.
    So from that day on I removed the bad choices from my diet especially Sugar and I hit the gym every day ( well it was about time seeing has I had a gym membership that I used maybe 3 times a year).

    From that day in October I found a new focus, strength and determination and within 6 months I was 4 ½ stone lighter ……..but I was more than this I was full of life, I had more energy, I was feeling happy about my appearance and my confidence had grown………But I realised that I was becoming a better version of me!  180241_4336213449339_603630846_n1

    I put everything I had in to me and I was reaping the rewards!! I loved that over time people started to notice the difference in me and I’ll admit its always nice to receive a compliment on how you look & it does wonders for your confidence and self esteem.
    However, over time I was developing a static routine in the gym in the sense I went in every day and did the same stuff and this was beginning to slow down my progress and in hindsight my motivation. I needed something to mix it up but what??

    That what ?? soon become transparent in the form of outdoor training courtesty of Beach –Fit and Evolution Fitness professionals in particular Jim Walsh ( my future Personal Trainer/Mentor/Colleague and Friend) .Beach –Fit saw me evolve my fitness from indoor training to Outdoors and my fitness sky rocketed from there. I went from training 7 days in the gym to four days on the Beach & 3  days in the gym. 11403328_10207351820619561_6768141288071178982_n1

    But the real transformation for me came when I undertook my Personal Training Journey. It was the transition from a regular gym goer who had no idea about Resistance Training, Equipment. Technique. Posture, Training Methods, Goal Setting , Motivation and how My Own Body worked.
    By making the decision to help myself and Invest in a Better Version of Me I learn’t all about this and soooo much more. Visually my body changed again as I went from skin and bones to a strong Lean & better defined version of me. My confidence reached a new level and I began to face challenge I never dreamed about ……..The biggest one then being jumping 14000ft from an airplane in the name of Evolution Fitness and Roy Castle.
    I guess at this stage I thought this is me! ………..Again how wrong was I , this was the end of that stage of my Journey…….The next was to be on another level completely. 156546_4071730077420_1170031499_n1

    The next level came in the form of me being asked a single question? That question being “ when am I going to get qualified to do this?” ……. My reply was “to do what?” In short, the question or in essence the concept of me becoming a Beach –Fit and Level 2 Fitness Instructor had been brought to my attention………This was some 18 months to 2 years after I decided to change my lifestyle…..and I thought I don’t have time to do this , again how wrong was I!! …….. 3 months later I was signed up to becoming a Level 2 Fitness instructor ……… 6 months later I was fully qualified and was Leading the Beach –Fit sessions I used to participate in and I was also teaching a range of group exercise classes in the Gym I was a member in…….. Unreal right??


    Totally, but I wasn’t finished there , No I decided I wanted more and that I had the ability to do more and help more people ……. Basically I had developed a passion for what I did and I wanted to share it……..So in order to do this I signed up for my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification six months after my initial qualification and 12 months later I was a fully trained PT . And yeah you guessed it I became the only female PT in the gym I started my journey on……. I reached my goal , nearly but I felt I had more in me so I undertook the required training I need to become a Pre/Post natal training Specialist. And all of this I undertake under the very own business of Evolution Fitness Professionals who helped me start my Fitness Journey !!293768_4908158107598_1596049363_n1
    So in essence that’s how I Kinda found my path into Fitness.
    The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from my journey though is about how you can change your life for the better, that it’ not easy to change but sometimes you have no choice but really you do, its about making small changes over time so you become a better version of you and that with the right help, support , motivation, guidance and coaching anything is possible.         Why would you not want to be the best version of you???????  sharondolan


    Personal Trainer

    Contact Details


    Mobile: 07815 842 001


    Email: sharondolan@evo-fit.com



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