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Evolution Fitness Professionals | Oh Go On Its Christmas
  • Oh Go On Its Christmas

    The festive season of gluttony is well under way and as we are hours away from the big day, Comments like “Oh Go-On Its Christmas!!!” provide the weak willed with a chance to blame it on the season rather than their own actions.
    Its no secret that Personal Trainers make their money in January helping those weak willed people take the average 4-5 lbs off that goes on over the Christmas holiday and as we are the ones keeping an eye on your waist lines all year round feel its our place to be party poopers here.

    So to help people see what they are putting in their face for fun, here is a quick list of the most favorites;

    "You have a fatty liver, and a fatty arms, fatty legs and a fatty head."
    Mince Pie = 256 kcal
    Christmas Cake Slice = 219 kcal
    Quality Street Chocolates = 132 kcals (approx per chockie)
    Toblerone = 143 kcals (per triangular chunk of lovleyness)
    Terrys Choc-Orange = 46 kcals (per segment)

    Can of Larger = 256 kcal (based on Stella)
    Glass Of Wine = 117 kcal
    Large Baileys = 327 kcals
    Snowball = 112 kcals
    Cocktails = 100-300 kcal (per glass)

    Christmas Dinner = 2141 kcals
    Boxing Day Fry Up = 1100 kcal
    Hangover Cooked Breakfast = 1126 kcal
    Roast potato = 130 kcal (per potato)
    Gravy = 31 kcal (per table spoon)
    Pigs in blankets = 61 kcals (per little piggie)
    Christmas Pudding = 333 kcal

    So not to entirely be a Seasonal Party Pooper, id like you to have a great time but please be sensible with stuffing your face over this festive season, please don’t drink too much as the Police are cracking down, as most injuries happen over this season through silly DIY jobs take care.
    We look forward to January when you have decided on all your New Years Resolutions and weight loss goals for 2015 and we will be ready and rested ourselves to drag you kicking and screaming to blast your resolutions and goals.

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    phil-renton-new-EFP-profile-transparentPhil Renton

    EFP Personal Trainer & Injury Rehabilitation

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