This fully comprehensive 15 Session training programme will get you ready for the challenge and help you lose weight, build muscle and tone up.

It has been described as THE BEST type of training to prepare you for OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) such as Tough Mudder, BornSurvivor, Spartan, RatRace!

What the 15 Session training course includes:

30 hours of training from Mudder Legionnaire Instructors.
The most high level, realistic and Obstacle Course training available in the UK (outside joining the army), Based on a ‘Custom Built’ course, Built & Taught by Multi-Tough Mudder Legionnaire Veterans.

Join a community of likeminded people who will become your teammates at the next event.
Join our Facebook community group to keep accountable and support one another.
Advice on Kit, Nutrition, Fitness & Event Day Planning.

Our training platform incorporates;
– Mud
– Climbing
– Hills
– Ramps
– Cold Water
– Team Work
– Specific Event Psychology
– Training Nutrition
– Kit Advisement
– Team Motivation
– Realistic Custom Obstacles
– Scenario and Technique Drills
– Muscle Development
– Fitness Development

All to build your confidence in your body to take on and beast the next Tough Mudder events with Team Evo-Fit-Pro in May and September

All for ONLY for only £129.99