Nutrition is one of the most important parts of any training programme, however it is often one of the most over-looked. We have put together some basic information on the subject for guidance here, but because the subject is as individual as you are we always recommend a personal consultation for maximum benefit. Why not Contact a professional to discuss your needs now, or select one of the links below for further information.
  • Exercise Nutrition

    Nutrition is a major part of health and performance, many studies say that good health comes from 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

    Maintaining a healthy weight is all about balancing the calories you consume with the calories you burn off, and this is done daily, every second of your life.

    You need a certain intake just to keep your body’s natural functions ticking over and even more for normal daily activity and then more on top of that if you are exercising. For the average adult (70kg) this is around 2000 kcals (calories) for women and 2500 kcals per day for men if you do bare minimal but don’t forget these are just figures and don’t understand you as an individual.

    Your minimal rate of calorie use for function is known as your Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR) and is totally individual.

    BMR varies from person to person depending on fat weight, lean weight and other factors, but generally we calculate it from our overall weight. Therefore if a woman was extremely light, her BMR would be less than 2000kcal per day or if a man was very heavy then his BMR would be more than 2500kcal per day. So to generalise your average daily needs with these set guidelines could be totally inaccurate for you. At Evolution Fitness Personal Training, we understand what it is your body needs to function through activity diaries and nutritional breakdown programmes.

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    On the Whole

    As mentioned before Nutrition is a major part of health and performance, many studies say that good health comes from 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. This section is so large and expandable, as nutrition is a massive part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.

    In this article we have only scraped the surface. We would recommend you consult one of our qualified personal trainers to customise your nutritional needs and educate you on how to commit to a long lasting nutritional lifestyle change.

  • Muscle Build

    Women generally turn away now but many men go to the gym not to lose weight and tone up but in order to gain weight or bulk up as we like to say! In our years of experience as Personal Trainers we have seen many clients and gym members with the same problem, they are very slim and want to pack muscle onto their physique!

    So how do you gain muscle weight instead of fat?

    Obviously there is a big difference between gaining muscle and putting on body fat! The truth is that its impossible to gain the weight as 100% muscle.
    If you gain muscle its inevitable that you will also increase to some level of body fat.

    One valuable bit of advice I would give to hard gainers is in order to put muscle onto a physique you will need a calorie intake that exceeds expenditure.

    Put simply if you don’t eat enough you wont gain a pound of weight.
    Many people who struggle to gain weight, train hard but restrict their gains through insufficient diet, the main reason people are also scared of putting on fat but its important to remember that if you gain 4lbs in weight of which 3lbs are muscle and 1lb is fat only 25% of your gains are fat opposed to 75% muscle.

    Here is a 10 point guide for people who find it hard to gain muscle weight and some tips to best achieve this goal!

    1. Train heavy in the gym with lower repetitions.
    2. Keep fit but remember the more exercise you do the more calories you burn thus the greater the volume of food required to increase weight.
    3. Eat regularly if your hungry your body could go into a catabolic state meaning your body is burning itself for energy!
    4. Eat a high protein high calorie diet.
    5. Rest! This is when your body grows you need to balance hard training and recuperation have at least 1 rest day for every 3 days training.
    6. Look to gain weight slowly but steadily, 1lb a week is a lot quicker than you think too quick means too much fat!
    7. Don’t be too strict on your diet allow cheat meals. Having a Mcdonalds or KFC is not the end of the world protein is protein its better than going hungry when trying to build muscle.
    8. Remember the more weight and muscle you gain the faster your metabolism becomes which means your calorie intake needs to increase with your bodyweight.
    9. Casein protein is great before bed as it is slow release which acts like a drip feed of protein through your sleep when no food is consumed. e.g a glass of milk!
    10. vary your gym routine muscles adapt to training stimulus therefore shocking the muscles with variations in routine makes the body have to adapt.

    Its important to remember that what works for one person isn’t necessarily the best formula for another.

    From one hard gainer to another, train eat and rest!

    Once you are happy with amount of muscle you have built you have to work just as hard to keep it and then all you have to do is clean the diet, increase the cardio exercises and you will be athletic and looking great!

  • Nutrition for Life

    To start, diets don’t work. If they did, we would all be following the same one. Nutrition is more about the individual, to simply generalise the issue would be wrong and totally inaccurate.

    Here at Evolution Fitness Professionals, we are dedicated to educating people in how to eat a healthy balanced diet that will effectively compliment their lifestyle and training regime. We specialise in:

    Weight Management

    Practical Nutrition

    From the outset good nutrition may sound easy. There are plenty of people and magazines discussing the most advanced dietary plans as well as doctors and so called health organisations offering you the latest revolutionary dietary pills, but health and fitness is a lot deeper than a quick fix, that in some cases can be detrimental to your health or when discontinued creates a new set of problems.

    Our professionals understand how to create an effective plan that will be most beneficial to you and what you enjoy. We also understand that without the professional guidance, education and motivation that we offer, it is very difficult to break down the lifelong barriers and habits that are crucial to a balanced diet.

    The corner stone to any healthy lifestyle and backbone to any good training regime is a sound, balanced nutritional plan, that will fuel your body for the task ahead (whatever it maybe). What you believe to be a healthy diet, can in some cases, be misunderstood and therefore not as healthy as you thought. When taking into account the makeup of your diet, numerous considerations need to be taken to get the best out of the food that you are consuming.

    For more general info contact us now and start to understand how life is better through the foods you eat.

  • Over Weight

    As a rule when we look at devising a weight loss programme, we would start by exercising the 500 deficit rule. This is when we reduce 500 kcals from the existing daily intake.of calories to create a negative eneergy expenditure.

    The idea of burning a 1lb of fat a week is said to be the simple equation of reducing 3500 Kcal between your intake and exercise, which equates to 500 Kcal a day, which further breaks down to cutting 250 Kcal from your diet and burning 250 Kcal from exercise.

    To put this into perspective 250 Kcal from your diet can be approximately a regular sized chocolate bar and 250 Kcal from exercise can be approximately 30 minutes light intensity cardio session, this, by all means, is definitely achievable.

    However sometimes this is not reality, some people under eat massively yet still retain weight, so in this instance it would be a serious neglect of an individual’s health to further reduce their intake by 500kcal a day, so eating more food whilst exercising will be the way forward to fire up the metabolism.

    In principle the theory of weight loss is relatively simple in some cases especially if you over eat as highlighted above, however as we now know this is not always the case, but in both occurrence there is generally an issue that has a lot more of an impact on people than the generally theory, it is their self-discipline. A lot of the time it is more of a challenge of will power and mental desire than pure theoretical performance.

    So many people start out with the intention of losing weight to change the way they look or feel with either the latest fitness programme from a health magazine, the latest revolutionary pill that has been hailed “the next best thing” or with the hope and faith that it will just happen, and in some cases, results are realised, but in the large majority of instances this is not so.

    The most effective way of losing weight, just like anything, is having the right tools to succeed! Motivation, knowledge and structure is what Evolution Fitness Professionals offer, if you have the will desire and application, join with us and see how far you can take your goals.

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  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition can be very complicated business. It is not as basic as giving someone guidance on how to eat healthier, or as simple as advising someone on how to lose or gain weight.

    The idea behind sports specific nutrition is to take you to the top of your game. To understand how to balance your energy intake and energy expenditure for your particular sport, that wont result in any loss of power, speed or agility.

    With the correct training system and a well hydrated, energy rich, muscle driven, explosive and lean dietary intake – success is generally a matter of desire.

    Evolution Fitness Professionals deliver a fresh scientific approach to Sport Nutrition, allowing the athlete to develop with pure focus and determination to unleash their potential and release success into their sporting carrer.

    To make the difference where it really matters, which could be the last few centimetres, couple of seconds or the ability to stand when your opponent can no longer, take a look at the blogs to read more around the subject.

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  • Supplements

    We are working hard to put together a list of supplements we recommend.

    As the subject is complex we offer advice and guidance depending on your circumstances.

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  • Weight Gain

    We are working hard to put together a Weight Gain regime

    As the subject is complex we offer advice and guidance depending on your circumstances.

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