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Evolution Fitness Professionals | Can Exercise be Bad for Baby?? Benefits -V- Risks
  • Can Exercise be Bad for Baby?? Benefits -V- Risks

    imagesIf your pregnancy is classed as “Low Risk” then the answer is simple enough, No! as long as you exercise safely and at a level that is appropriate for each stage of your pregnancy.
    So now the question becomes is my pregnancy “Low Risk” or “High Risk”?

    A low risk pregnancy is one were the Mum to be is deemed of a healthy disposition without any pre- exisiting medical conditions such as diabeties, obesity,thyroid or any cardiovascular conditions amongst other things and “High Risk” is deemed to involve such conditions.
    Anyone looking to exercise and is “High Risk” needs consent in order to exercise.
    Once you understand the category your pregnancy falls into then you need to understand the benefits versus the Risks to you and baby. And it’s simple enough to determine that the Benefits out way the Risks.
    Research has shown that exercising throughout your pregnancy has positive effects on your labour and delivery and that women who exercise up to 3 times a week significantly shortens labours in comparison to women who don’t.

    images-3So what other benefits are there?
    Possible reduction in Back Pain
    Improved Core Strength to support spine and help you carry baby
    Prevention of overtight and weak muscles
    Improved Posture
    Reduction of symptoms of pregnancy i.e leg cramps, swelling, constipation and varicose veins
    Improved circulation and blood flow
    Improve calcium absorption preventing osteoporosis
    Time out for Mum
    Improved relaxation and possible improved sleep patterns
    Enhanced mental well being, improves self esteem and confidence , reduces “Baby Blues”
    Confidence about labour and improves strength and stamina
    Lower chance of high blood pressure and developing gestational diabeties
    Quicker recovery from Birth of baby
    Helps to curb weight gain
    Improves the growth of the placenta and makes it more efficient for baby to receive blood, nutrients and oxygen.

    So the risks are?
    Possible over- exertion, which may contribute to general tiredness
    Possible increase in blood pressure
    Possible reduction in blood flow to the baby if exercise is too intense or performed over excessive periods of time Possible dips in blood sugar levels
    Possible injury due to relaxin in the muscles
    Possible stress on the pelvic floor muscles due to inappriopriate exercise.

    images-2Each pregnancy is individual and unique and Knowing the benefits and risks is essential in deciding whether to continue to exercise or not. But it’s also important to understand the help and support required to achieve your aims and goals.
    For those of you looking for that help, support and Pre/Post Natal training then please contact SharonDolan@evo-fit.com to book in for a free consultation today.

    Sharon Dolan

    EFP Personal Trainer & Freelancer

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